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Lust full metal alchemist

In the universe of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Brotherhood , trained alchemists harness their ability to destroy and recreate life in order save, kill and unleash all sorts of terrifying creations. Homunculi, evil human dolls, are born when an alchemist attempts to bring a human back to life. Each homunculus, named after one the seven deadly sins, represents a sin, and each acts according to it. Except for Lust. Sure, she looks the part: a tiny waist, a breathy voice, breasts that defy gravity. But she typically utters only words of disdain or disinterest.
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Full Metal Alchemist: Why Isn’t Lust Lustful?

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Lust | Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki | Fandom

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Edit Character Information. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Details Featured Pictures Clubs. Lust was created by Scar's brother, when he attempted to use alchemy to bring his lover back from the dead.
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To do this, he purged himself of his seven deadly sins, and they each took a different humanoid form. The first three of them to appear are Envy , Gluttony, and Lust, and they all prove to be powerful opponents. Lust, in particular, is a busy villain in the earlier parts of the story, and it took a lot of firepower to finally defeat her for good.
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In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood , brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric begin their journey as a way to fix the damage from their attempt at human transmutation , but things end up growing more complicated from there. They get dragged into Father's insidious scheme , and he's got seven homunculi working for him. Lust was one of the first three homunculi to appear, right alongside the shapeshifting Envy and the all-devouring Gluttony. Lust is the brightest of those three, and she has abilities no other character can match.
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