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As any dog parent knows, dogs are sometimes gross. Licking their nether-region is often just a part of regular self-grooming, but increased or obsessive rear-end licking usually indicates a health concern. Dogs lick themselves in an attempt to soothe something that hurts or itches. Luckily, most causes of butt licking are not severe when addressed quickly.
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Top 5 reasons dogs lick their butts according to vets

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Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

Your dog may be part of your family, but the bacteria in its mouth are different from those in yours. As John Oxford, emeritus professor of virology and bacteriology at Queen Mary University London, recently told the Hippocratic Post , dogs spend half their life with their noses in nasty corners or hovering over dog droppings, so their muzzles are full of bacteria, viruses and germs of all sorts. Mostly, despite these bugs being unknown to our immune systems, we avoid getting sick. They include clostridium, E coli and campylobacter, which cause gastroenteritis. Nearly half the babies were newborn, and most were infected as a result of dogs or cats licking them.
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Is your dog licking their butt yet again? You might've heard that this is part of a dog's normal grooming routine — which it is — but if their licking is getting excessive it could signal that your pooch has a health issue. Read on to understand why your dog might be licking their rear end and how you can help them find relief from their discomfort. Other than grooming, there are a few main answers to the question of why dogs lick their butts — anal gland issues, skin infections, parasites and allergies can all lead dogs to lick down there.
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