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Fairy tail natsu and lucy moments

I will exclude moments that can be seen as only friendship moments, no romance intonations at all. When he dragged her along in Hargeon and told her to join Fairy Tail 2. When she held him back during the Lullaby arc 3. In Galuna Island when he saved her from the poison 4. When he went for her rescue in Phantom Lord arc 5.
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Nalu moments!!!

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we'll be together forever

Read pt 1 here. Anyways, I truly love this moment because it was one of the first where you could start seeing that Natsu was actually attracted to Lucy. And the first official boob grope!!! Okay, but listen! As… as an honorary Natsu fan, I love when he gets all serious and goes all out on his enemies, and this scene, esp for someone who was slowly losing hope on this ship, really fired me up! And the line, I love that line so much!
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Natsu and Lucy have had so many heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments throughout Fairy Tail. Their relationship is one of the best in the series, so filled with love and care. They are always looking out for each other, sometimes even above their own health.
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And thus we get back to me fangirling over my favorite NaLu moments once again, only this time we do it based on the anime-only moments, which covers: canon, filler, movies and ovas. Originally, I was just going to do 30 moments, but the list kept getting bigger and so on, and here we are. Warning: lots of gushing and fangirling over a beautiful ship. Two, it made into the list, which is already saying something.
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