Hurricane Katrina Donations

Someone at work asked for information about which relief organizations have fastest response times and lowest overhead costs. I wrote the following in response:

The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance has a list of organizations accepting donations for Hurricane Katrina relief. Clicking on each organization’s name will take you to a page listing information about the organization, including the percentage of funds used for programs, administration, and fundraising.

I got that link from Boing Boing, which has lots of post-Katrina information.

Librarians respond to Katrina

ALA President Michael Gorman’s statement

SLA’s IPANDAnet Weblog

The Zenformation Professional: lots of information as well as personal reactions to the tragedy; Jason also started the Geaux Library Recovery group on Yahoo!

Library Dust: Rising Again

Not directly related to libraries, but if, like me, you want to help but aren’t sure how, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

[update] Library Tavern: Good Morning America, How Are You?

[update] AALL LawLibAssist (I received an email from my cousin, who is a lawyer, last night. The short and long term effects on the justice system and those who work within it are mind-boggling.)

[update] Louisiana Library Association Disaster Relief Fund to aid library restoration efforts

[update] Tinfoil + Raccoon: Beyond CNN and New Orleans (information resources) and Library Community Relief Links

[update, Sept. 6] Apparently I unwittingly participated in International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day. There are many more links I could post, but the resources I linked to are being updated as well, and I think you can find both news and ways to help from here. I found out about the International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day from Free Range Librarian.