Recent work

Letting Go of Control. Information Outlook, Jan./Feb. 2018, p. 16.
A brief reflection on mentoring, part of a special issue on mentoring.

Hidden Leadership in Small Special Libraries. Journal of Library Administration, v. 58, no. 2, pp. 183–192.
Published version:
“The Specialist” addresses the administration of special libraries, however identifying the administrator of a small special library is problematic. In these small libraries within organizations, the librarian often works alone and the library is overseen by a non-librarian manager. In these cases, it is not as easy to identify or define the library’s administrator as it would be in a public or academic library, or even a larger special library. This column introduces a model where the administration of small special libraries is a collaboration between librarians and non-librarian managers. In this model, information professionals exercise hidden leadership and management skills without leading a staff or possessing a management title. The column also suggests ways information professionals without explicit management responsibilities in the workplace can develop these skills and apply them in their jobs.

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