The Specialist: now accepting submissions

I have been appointed to the new editorial board of Journal of Library Administration and am editing a column on special libraries, “The Specialist.” The first column, “What’s So Special about Special Libraries?” has been published. (If you don’t have access and would like an author e-print, please contact me.)

If you are interested in contributing, I am accepting submissions:

Though special libraries share concerns with their more general academic, public, and school counterparts, they also have unique characteristics which merit separate consideration. Libraries of all types are evolving, and just as special libraries can learn from the general literature on libraries, practitioners in general libraries can learn from the experiences and methods of special libraries. “The Specialist,” appearing in even-numbered issues of this journal, will address the administrative concerns of special libraries. The column welcomes contributions from practitioners and scholars. Interested authors are invited to contact the editor at for submission guidelines.