Comic con in Centre County

In my local newspaper this morning, there is an article about Nittany-Con, happening this weekend (March 24) just down the road from me in Milesburg. It caught my attention first because – hey cool, a local comic-con! I kept reading because it’s about an 8th-grade art teacher who has managed to get a table for her students to show their work.

I think this is cool not only because the kids are learning about comics in their art class, but because their teacher has made an effort to teach them the business side of comics as well. I’m all for teaching art for its own sake, but I wish in my own education I’d been more exposed to the business side of things (and not just art). It’s great to have artistic ambition or enjoy solving equations, but you do have to pay rent and buy food. I wish I had learned a little earlier that, even if you don’t own your own business, you have to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. The days of getting a liberal arts education and getting trained on the job and advancing up the ladder until you retire are pretty much gone. I hope these kids have a great experience and sell some prints. (The proceeds go to charity.)

I was also reminded about the show by a tweet from local illustrator Jason Lenox. Unfortunately, my schedule won’t allow me to attend the show myself but I hope it is successful!