Microsoft “education”


Photo by Stephen Downes

I’m making a poster (to be presented on Tuesday at the Pennsylvania Library Association conference), and was researching examples of timelines when I stumbled across a Microsoft tutorial on creating timelines in Word. The tutorial is intended for teachers. Here’s hoping teachers are only taking Microsoft’s advice about using Word features and not about how to do research.

The tutorial’s narration begins:

Start by researching your subject on the Internet..

OK, not the worst advice in the world, but why does Microsoft feel qualified to tell teachers where to do their research? It gets worse, though, when the tutorial shows teachers how to place images in their timelines:

Find the image you want on the Internet, then right-click and select copy…

I’m sure Microsoft won’t mind if I just right-click and take a bunch of images from their website to illustrate my poster. Right?

One thought on “Microsoft “education”

  1. Sadly, many freshman composition teachers still refuse to let students use the Internet at any stage of their projects.

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