Goodbye RSS?

I’ve noticed that I’m using RSS feeds less and less often lately. Sure, I still have hundreds of feeds in Google Reader, but I’ve gone from checking them daily to weekly to I can’t remember when I last checked them. It’s not just because I’m busier. I’m getting a lot of the information I used to get via RSS from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. I used to look for the bright orange RSS icon to follow blogs, but now I look first for the little Twitter bird or the Facebook F. I’m just starting a new blog project (more on that soon), and I suppose I will need to create Facebook and Twitter accounts for it.

It seems I’m not alone – and this change is not without consequences, according to Ken Varnum at RSS4Lib. We’re moving from an open standard to mediated discovery. And it’s not just that people aren’t using RSS. It’s becoming more and more difficult for the consumer to find.

Ironically, I did find Ken’s post using my RSS feed reader.

How do you follow blogs?

One thought on “Goodbye RSS?

  1. i used a reader for a very short time before getting too overwhelmed. then i switched to Feed My Inbox where you enter the feed and it emails you every time there’s a new post. I recommend to clients that they use a blog to create new content on their website, then drive people to the post/website by publicizing their content through Facebook and Twitter. Since you mentioned that’s where you usually find stuff to read, and you’re certainly not alone, those bloggers are doing it right!

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