Happy Blog Day

Blog Day 2007Happy Blog Day 2007! I’m celebrating by sharing five blogs that are a little outside the usual content at DIY Librarian.

OK, I’m bending the rules a little bit, because these blogs aren’t new to me, but hopefully some of them are new to you.

Tumaini Kids! is a blog written by kids at the Tumaini Children’s Center in Nyeri, Kenya. The kids are part of the Hope Runs project, started by two Stanford University students to provide an understanding of personal health, social entrepreneurship, and technology to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through running. The kids write about running and other events in their lives—they are inspiring, hilarious, and will steal your heart.

Mazurland Blog is the product of one of my co-bloggers on my other blog, The Runaround, and his brothers. The content is very eclectic—just this week there have been posts about punctuation abuse, gun ownership, and learning to play the guitar. I don’t agree with everything, but that’s part of what gets me thinking and questioning my own beliefs.

The Comics Curmudgeon keeps me updated on the intense dramas unfolding in Mark Trail, Apartment 3G, Rex Morgan, M.D., and the like. I can’t read this at work because people will wonder why I’m laughing out loud in my office. (“Oh! the latest issue of Population Development Review is just too funny!” wasn’t convincing anyone.)

I started reading Bad Librarianship because I thought it would be about libraries. While it is written by a librarian, it is about comics and pop culture. Well, and occasionally about librarians.

The Rambling Librarian is actually about libraries. I mention it because it may not be on everyone’s radar since it is from Singapore. It does ramble—the current post, as I type this, is about the custom of burning Hell Bank Notes—but many of my favorite blogs do. Right now Ivan Chew is in the midst of blogging about his trip to Durban, South Africa for the IFLA conference.

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  1. Hello Tara! Happy Blog Day back to you 🙂
    “It does ramble”… um, Thanks (I think). Heh. Oh, thanks for the link to Tumaini Kids. Excellent stuff.

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  3. Regarding Blog Action Day: I thought that’s what most political blogs did all the time – talk about what everybody else is yammering about. That’s an interesting way to troll for site visits, tho’!

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