SLA Leadership Summit

I’m here in Reno (well, technically Sparks) for the SLA Leadership Summit. I arrived a day early because I was worried about making two flight connections in January, and then promptly spent several hours trying to get my laptop to talk to the hotel’s wireless network. I just recently got a wireless card for my laptop—watch out, 21st century, here comes the DIY Librarian!

Unlike the last time I was frustrated by a hotel internet connection, I was almost relieved when I couldn’t get the laptop to connect. Suddenly, my extra day was wide open. Instead of working, I could go running, check out the public library, read a book, or work on my writing…

Ah, but now I am connected, so here I am checking my email, blogging, and charting my mileage on While I was unconnected, though, I did write a long letter to my dad (to be mailed when I get home) and almost finished my book.

Much as I like being connected (now that we have high-speed at home, it’s just so easy to go check a recipe on Epicurious!) these unconnected moments are very special, like a moment of silence, or the feeling of wandering aimlessly in the library stacks. There is something simultaneously scary (I can’t check the hotel restaurant’s menu online! I’ll just have to go down to the lobby!) and peaceful about it.

One thought on “SLA Leadership Summit

  1. i completely know what you are talking about. Too long is painful, though – my incidental curiosities go unsatisfied, because the work around is too much work for their lvel of incidental-ness. But – I am an online library school student, this term one of my classes is YA lit, which means actual books – so peaceful to leave the computer off for hours and hours and sometimes, even a whole day. I never realized I’d appreciate these hours of being away from the computer the way I do.

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