I have arrived in Baltimore, hon

RavenI have arrived and checked into my hotel for SLA 2006. So far I have activated my internet access, upgraded Firefox, deleted 82 spam comments from this blog, created a flickr account, and uploaded some photos from my camera. This is all so much more fun when I’m not using dial-up.

Before checking in and getting into conference mode, I got a taste of Baltimore. We started the day at Honfest in Hampden, which just has to be seen to be believed:

Pat Benatar lip synch contest

After we’d had enough kitsch, we headed over to the Maryland Zoo, which seems to be under a lot of construction, but had some nice exhibits, including an underwater view of the polar bears and three baby chimpanzees—plus, of course, the raven pictured above.

I’ll be doing most of my conference blogging over at the SLA 2006 Conference Blog.

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